Traffic Rules

Arrival – Dismissal – Traffic

The following procedures  we hope will provide for a safer parking lot and an orderly dismissal in the afternoon.


  1. BUS STUDENTS use the STUDENT entrance.
  2. BICYCLISTS and WALKERS use the STUDENT entrance. (bicycles in rack on the office side of school.)
  3. STUDENTS TRANSPORTED BY PARENTS should be dropped off at the STUDENT ENTRANCE using the KISS & RIDE lane.  Parents should enter the parking lot on the CHURCH SIDE and exit on the PLAYGROUND SIDE.
  4. If there is a need for parents to come into the school, please use the OFFICE ENTRANCE and check in at the office. No vehicles, other than the Alternate Transportation bus and assigned cars, are to go beyond the front corner of the building at the office entrance.The school doors open at 7:55am.    


  1.  Parents entering the school are asked to wait for students in the Office Lobby
    1. Bus students board the buses at the STUDENT entrance.  Space must be left on the parking lot immediately in front of the MAIN entrance to allow the alternate transportation bus into the accessibility space.
    2. Walkers will be dismissed at the bell
    3. Pick Ups: will be dismissed at the bell to meet families at the OFFICE entrance
    4. If a parent intends to pick up a student who normally takes the bus or walks, you are asked to send a note or call the school prior to 1:30 so students can be sent  to the lobby.